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When it comes to deciding on the right siding material on your residential or commercial building, it can be difficult to know what the right choice for you really is. That’s why it’s important to understand the different advantages, disadvantages, design options, and costs of all of your siding material options. In this section, we’ll be laying out the advantages and disadvantages of seamless steel siding. Seamless steel siding is generally thought to be a more common commercial building siding material, however, due to its versatility of design, low maintenance, and durability, it makes a great siding choice for any type of building. Seamless steel siding is a special product made from long steel panels coated with a protective layer of vinyl. Each section stretches the entire length of the building, creating a durable and seamless protective covering for your building. For more information about seamless steel siding, feel free to give us a call for a free consultation.

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Seamless steel siding is an investment that will protect your home for a lifetime.

Why are People Switching to Steel Siding?

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Wide Variety of Colors

In contrast to common belief, seamless steel sliding actually comes with a huge variety of color options. This means that you can choose any color palette that you wish. Once you’ve chosen the steel, you can then choose the paint color that best represents you and your taste. This is a luxury compared to some other siding options like aluminum, where your options are much more limited.


With other siding options it´s difficult to find such a durable material. Seamless steel is fire-resistant, waterproof, able to withstand extreme temperature changes, and is resistant to damage from ice, salt, etc. With seamless steel siding you can expect all of these benefits, as well as resistance to insects and pesky termites.
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Easy Maintenance

Seamless steel siding is an extremely low maintenance option, unlike some other natural materials. It merely requires periodic cleaning to keep mold or dirt from accumulating. This cleaning is straightforward and quick. All you need is a long-handled brush and a bucket of water and your siding will look as good as new.

Keeps Its Good Looks Over Time

While seamless steel siding looks very similar to vinyl siding, it is actually much more likely to hold up over time, looking as pristine as it did the first day. Many homeowners’ associations and local codes restrict the use of vinyl siding due to its tendency to sag and look worn with time. With seamless steel you get the beautiful fresh look of vinyl, with all the durability benefits of steel.
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What to Consider About Steel Siding

Requires Precise Installation

Another downside of seamless steel siding is that it is more difficult to install than other siding materials. In order to achieve seamless installation, the installers must custom cut different sections and have experience attaching it. This requires additional planning, experienced professionals, and precise installation. This can raise the costs of labor.

Susceptible to Wind Damage

One final disadvantage of seamless steel siding is that it is prone to damage if installed in areas with frequent high winds. Strong wind forces can pull and drag on the fasteners that hold the siding in place, making the joints weaker, and creating a gap that can allow moisture inside which can corrode the underlying metal. If you live in an area that is regularly prone to heavy gusts of winds, seamless steel probably isn´t the best siding choice for your building.

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“We can’t get over how great a job KC Siding Solutions did on our fixer upper. We had been planning on switching to vinyl siding for years, but we just couldn’t fit it into our budget. KC Siding helped us get coverage for double we were originally approved for! We were so happy we could finally give our home’s exterior the love it needed. KC Siding made us feel at ease throughout the entire process, and were very open about our options. The guys really paid attention to detail and made sure we were satisfied. We are thrilled with how the work turned out!”

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KC Siding Solutions is a great choice for your next seamless steel siding project. As you read above, seamless steel has many advantages, but it also requires expertise and experience. These are qualities that we have in spades at KC Siding Solutions. Every single one of our installers is highly qualified, experienced, licensed, and insured. They have the professionalism and skill that it takes to make sure you are completely satisfied with the end results. We pride ourselves on our world-class customer service and our transparent, hassle-free installation process. Give us a call now for a free consultation. You won’t regret it!

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